Question: Why am I no longer sexually attracted to my boyfriend?

A lack of sexual attraction might be more psychological or physical. “If a relationship was hot in the beginning and the attraction has waned over time, another source is often repressed anger,” says Isadora Alman, a California-based marriage and family therapist and board-certified sex therapist.

What does it mean if you are no longer sexually attracted to your partner?

A loss of attraction can happen for any number of reasons in a long-term partnership. We asked therapists to reveal some of the most common causes. Youve become bored with each other. “The feeling of too much familiarity with a partner might negatively impact our attraction towards them.”

Why am I not physically attracted to my boyfriend anymore?

If you are feeling a lack of attraction to your partner, it could be a phase. Sometimes we may be going through something or experiencing a high amount of stress in our lives that makes us lack sexual desire, and you may feel youre not attracted to your boyfriend.

What to do when you are no longer sexually attracted to your partner?

Help, Im Not Attracted To My Partner AnymoreRecognize The Gravity Of The Moment. Ask Yourself How Important Sex Is To You. Be Honest With Your Partner. Discuss Both Of Your Sexual Turn-Ons. Try To Rekindle The Romance. Explore Whether This Is A Short-Lived Or Permanent Change. Consider Couples Therapy.12 Sep 2017

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