Question: Why is Peter not on Dragons Den?

Peter Jones has been absent from Dragons Den after was forced to self-isolate as a result of coronavirus while filming the series. The businessman revealed the news on social media and announced that former Dragon Theo Paphitis would be stepping in as his replacement.

Has Peter Jones left the Dragons Den?

The former Dragon quit the show in 2012, after joining during its second series in 2005. After announcing his exit, he told the BBC: “This has not been an easy decision or one that I have taken lightly.

Where is Peter Jones from Dragons Den?

Buckinghamshire He lives in Buckinghamshire with his partner, Tara, and has two children.

Why did Dragons leave the den?

Why is Tej leaving Dragons Den? In January 2021, Tej Lalvani announced his departure from the show. Tej wants to devote more time to his business interests. He said ahead of the 18th series: “Im truly excited for the upcoming series of Dragons Den, which looks set to be one of the best.

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