Question: Where can I play in Europe in CS GO?

If youre looking to play in Europe East, you can try picking Bulgaria, Turkey, or Hungary. Hong Kong and China should do the trick for Asian servers, while youll need to carefully consider the city you connect to when choosing the United States since itll affect the region youll get in CS:GO.

Can EU and NA play CSGO?

The quickmatches do not have any regional restrictions. If you want to play only with people from your region please try queuing in a Hub that has regional restrictions.

Which countries play CSGO?

Mexico is the leader with 17.81 percent, followed by Colombia (13.09 percent), and the United States (8.80 percent). Bulgaria and Hungary are the only countries that appeared in both top 20 lists.

Is NA CS easier than EU?

1. Europe is smaller/denser than NA, which makes it a lot easier for teams and players to go to LANs around the continent, which gives them a lot more practice and experience with events.

The major reason is they had great internet way before america and australia and thus could play on low ping vs people on the other side of europe with close to lan rego, not to mention europe is a huge place. Europe is basically the same size as USA.

Is EU LoL better than na?

EU has like 2.5 times more players and the player population has been growing twice as fast as NA. Over time it just makes sense that they have more good players over the same number of teams.

Valorant Live Monthly Player Count MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMonthly Gain / LossJune 30, 202114,348,975138,638May 30, 202114,210,337414,221April 30, 202113,796,116270,512March 30, 202113,525,604265,20812 more rows

Which country has the most Valorant players?

Top Countries Playing ValorantUnited States – 22.53%Brazil – 6.72%Turkey – 6.22%Philippines – 5.73%Indonesia – 4.00%

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