Question: Is Aspergers a learning disability UK?

People with Aspergers syndrome will not usually have a learning disability, however they may experience challenges such as specific learning difficulties, anxiety or other conditions.

Is Asperger Syndrome a disability?

A child with an Aspergers diagnosis and impaired social, personal, or cognitive functioning may qualify for disability benefits.

Can someone with Aspergers work?

People with Aspergers Syndrome can be excellent employees as they are often reliable, punctual, have a professional attitude to work, a high level of attention to detail and are good with routine and repetition.

Can a brain scan show Aspergers?

If the new findings hold up in larger studies, the sophisticated imaging scans can be used to pinpoint disturbed brain wiring and activity in people with Aspergers and other types of autism, thereby aiding in the diagnosis, Muller says.

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