Question: Is it safe to swim in Pensacola?

There can be dangerous currents even on calm days. Call for the latest surf advisory at Pensacola Beach and the Gulf Islands National Seashore in the protected areas, and heed the color of warning flags flown at beach entrance and at all lifeguard stations. Its always safest to swim where lifeguards are present.

Can you swim in Pensacola?

The barrier island is part of the Gulf Island National Seashore with designated areas on the east and west ends. Once home of a casino to allure travelers, the main access of Pensacola Beach features a pier and sandy shores along the Gulf of Mexico. Visitors enjoy swimming, sunbathing, fishing and snorkeling.

How bad is Pensacola water?

Pensacola has the worst drinking water of any American city, according to the results of a national survey released Saturday. In the study, there were 21 chemicals found in Pensacolas water that exceeded health guidelines, including radium, lead, bezene and carbon tetracholride.

Does Pensacola have alligators?

For Gandy, a long-time Pensacola area resident, seeing an alligator wasnt all that strange. But to find one sitting on the beach was rare. Alligators are getting more active as the weather warms up and their mating season approaches, according to Tammy Sapp, with the FWCs Division of Hunting and Game Management.

Is Pensacola water clear?

Beautiful Place to Relax, Whatever Your Style Pensacola Beachs mild temperature, sugar-white beaches, and crystal clear waters draw beach lovers, fishing enthusiasts and environmentalists alike.

What city has the worst water in America?

Reno, Nevada. Famous for its casinos, the Biggest Little City in the World has also achieved notoriety as one of the U.S. cities with the worst drinking water. Renos water supply has been found to contain more than 11 contaminants, including arsenic, manganese, and tetrachloroethylene, at levels exceeding EPA limits.

What kind of sharks are near Pensacola?

Types of SharksBull Shark. Bull sharks are gray with an off-white underside. Thresher Shark. Thresher sharks reach a length of 13 to 20 feet, with a tailfin nearly as long as the rest of their body. Nurse Shark. Hammerhead Shark. Oceanic White Tip Shark. Blacktip Shark. Sandbar Shark. Shortfin Mako Shark.More items

How deep is the water under the Pensacola Bay Bridge?

It carries two to four lanes of U.S. Highway 98 across Pensacola Bay .Pensacola Bay BridgeWidth55 feet (16.8 meters)Clearance below65 feet (19.81 meters)History18 more rows

Why is the water brown in Pensacola?

Its due to runoff from all the heavy rain, probably being experienced along most of the panhandle.

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