Question: What is livelink com?

Livelink was the first Web-based collaboration and document management system. At that time, the term Livelink Server was also used to describe the Livelink executable file.

What is Documentum used for?

Documentum provides services such as document management, collaboration, search, content classification, input management, Business Process Management (BPM), customer communication management, and Web content management.

How does OpenText work?

OpenText provides the most complete and integrated Information Management platform, allowing companies to organize, integrate and protect data and content as it flows through business processes inside and outside the organization.

What kind of company is OpenText?

OpenText Corporation (also written opentext) is a Canadian company that develops and sells enterprise information management (EIM) software.

How much does Documentum cost?

EMC/Documentum - US$ $863,938.

Is Documentum dead?

Massive-scale ECM (Enterprise Content Management) has been declared dead on multiple occasions, most recently in a now-infamous blog by Gartner in 2017. Its not dead, it lives on, with a smaller but loyal and regenerative following.

Is OpenText owned by SAP?

OpenText and SAP have been partners for more than 25 years, developing solutions for 5000+ customers in 130+ countries in nearly every vertical and Line-of-Business.

Is OpenText a DMS?

A single, secure document management repository for collective information. OpenText™ Document Management, eDOCS Edition (eDOCS DM) is purpose-built to help you control and and manage your work product.

Is OpenText open source?

Open Source Helps Drive Innovation. OpenText counts on the open source community to help make OpenText Core Share the high performance, secure, flexible and elegant platform that it is.

LiveLink has developed the software for interactive kiosks and websites which are used by labs and chains to enable their customers to design personalised gifts, cards and posters etc. instore or online using their personal photos.

How much does Open Text cost?

Open Text - US$ $637,304. MS SharePoint - US$ $318,738.

Who acquired Documentum?

OpenText Waterloo, ON – 2017-1-23 – OpenText™ (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC), a global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), today announced that it has completed the closing of the previously announced acquisition of Dell EMCs Enterprise Content Division, including Documentum.

Who are OpenText competitors?

Competitors and Alternatives to OpenTextAdobe.Sitecore.Oracle.Acquia.RWS.Brightspot.Automattic.Contentstack.

How much does OpenText cost?

OpenText is working to simplify pricing for its managed services customers. Its new Prime Unlimited model charges $99 per user per month, so long as there is a minimum of 2,000 users and a three-year term is in place. (Source: OpenText Enterprise World.

What database does OpenText use?

Gupta SQLBase OpenText™ Gupta SQLBase is a fully-relational, high-performance and embeddable web database for Windows and Linux. With automated deployment, configuration and maintenance, Gupta SQLBase offers a self-recovering and highly-automated architecture to ensure reliable operation without constant maintenance.

How can I watch Instagram live without them knowing?

How to Watch Someones Instagram Live Video without Them KnowingChange Your Identity. Using this option is one of the easiest and safest ways to join the live video without letting them known. Use Fake Account. Use Someone Else Account.Aug 9, 2021

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Your Instagram Live Video Watchers As soon as you start broadcasting a live video on Instagram, people will start joining. This action, of course, means that they are watching your broadcast, and you can see each individual that joins your Instagram Live Video.

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