Question: Why is it called the chive?

History. John and Leo Resig founded Resignation Media, LLC in August 2007 and then launched in November, 2008. Initially, it was claimed that the websites name came from combining Chicago and Venice Beach; however, Resig later admitted that the name was actually inspired by The Onion.

What does the phrase chive on mean?

When you see the expression, its supposed to invoke a good feeling. For example, if youre having a hard time at work, just keep calm and chive on. Remain at ease, but keep pushing through. The same concept can be applied during literally any time of stress or overexcitement.

What is theCHIVE known for?

The Chive (styled theCHIVE) is a website owned and operated by Resignation, LLC. The Chive gained attention for a series of internet hoaxes that began in 2007 and were reported as true stories by mainstream media outlets.

Is chives good for kidney stones?

Chives leaves contain a variety of phytochemical compounds included alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, steroids, tannins and various minerals such as potassium, magnesium and sodium, which contains high potassium is believed to dissolve calcium oxalate in kidney stones, where one of the main factors affecting

Did Bill Murray create theCHIVE?

In 2008, brothers Leo and John Resig founded their insanely popular Web site The Chive based on three pillars: “humor, hotness and humanity.” Nine years and a bazillion clicks later, the brothers added a fourth pillar to their brands identity: golf.

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