Question: Which DJs are leaving 5FM?

Rob Forbes and Fix Moeti are leaving 5FM after nine years of hosting The Forbes and Fix Show together. Both Rob and Fix shared statements on their social media accounts announcing the news. The pair will leave 5FM at the end of March.

Who all is leaving 5FM?

5FM DJ Rob Forbes has left the station. After nearly a decade on 5FM, DJ Rob Forbes has announced his “radio retirement” and exit from the station, leaving many of his fans devastated. Rob and his co-host Fix announced their departure from the SABC radio station on Tuesday.

What happened to 5FM DJs?

Radio personalities Rob Forbes and his co-host DJ Fikile “Fix” Moeti have announced their resignation from SABCs 5FM. In a lengthy social media statement, Forbes confirmed his departure, a decision he says hes been contemplating since early last year.

Why is Rob Forbes leaving 5FM?

Unlike many, my Radio DJ career started at 5FM in 2008. Starting with a chart show on Sunday nights called the Best Of 5. Later pitching and getting a Friday Night Fix Dance Show and a Tuesday Night Pop Show. 3 years later I left for the States to explore my other talents leaving two dream jobs behind.

Is Thando Thabethe leaving housekeepers?

Radio personality Thando Thabethe has taken to social media to reveal the reason why she resigned from 5FM. The star announced her resignation last month, but at the time gave no reasons for her departure.

What are the changes at 5FM?

5FM has announced a new line-up for 2021, which includes a new breakfast show, among other changes. According to the station, in 2021 5FM looks to inject new energy with fresh talent in keeping with its ethos to bring together South African youth through the power of radio.

What does Thando Thabethe do for a living?

Actor Television presenterRadio personality Thando Thabethe/Professions

What is Thando?

Thando is a unisex given name, common in southern Africa, which means love.

What frequency is 5FM?

98.0 FM 5FMFrequencyVarious Nationwide, 98.0 FM in JohannesburgSloganThe Power of 5ProgrammingFormatCHR (Contemporary hit radio)Ownership8 more rows

How old is Lunga?

32 years (May 22, 1989) Lunga Shabalala/Age

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