Question: How does Badoo make money for its users?

How much money does Badoo make?

Badoo currently boasts over 250 employees in its HQ in London and its offices in Moscow and San Francisco, and currently has about 15 open positions. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, founder Andrey Andreev says revenue has ballooned to $200 million in the last year, and that it has been profitable since 2009.

Should I pay for Badoo?

Badoo is initially free to use. If you want to buy Badoo credits to use premium features, they must be bought in packages that range from $2.99 (USD) to $19.99 (USD) .IMPORTANT.Time PeriodCost per Billing Period (USD)1 month$9.993 months$24.996 months$34.99Lifetime (1-time payment)$59.992 more rows•Mar 18, 2019

How is Badoo different from tinder?

Most of Badoos new users are in European and South American regions. Badoos website and mobile app cater to a younger generation and has a similar layout to Tinder. But Badoo has a few extra features that Tinder just doesnt offer. Similar to Tinder, Badoo has a bit of a reputation for being a hookup app.

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