Question: Do Michigan state park campgrounds have water hookups?

RV Camping in Michigans State Parks Theyre often incredibly fun to pronounce (Cheboygan!), and for some reason, they typically have electric hookups but no water directly at your site, so be sure to stop by the hose and fill up those tanks on your way in.

Do Michigan state park campgrounds have full hookups?

There are 18 campsites with full hook-up facilities and 9 tent-only sites available from May through October, as well as rustic sites with the option for cabin accommodation available for hire all year round. Depending on whether you prefer a modern or rustic camping experience, sites cost between $15-$45.

Do any Michigan state parks have water hookups?

Located in porcupine mountains state park is available. One found in michigans leelanau rv park for scenery and a full hook up. One found in porcupine mountains state park natural features and enjoy beautiful northern michigan and group. Manistique lakeshore and running water sites with full hookup sites, michigan.

Do campsites provide water?

Some campgrounds may provide water spigots every few campsites or so, but it is a good idea to arrive with your fresh water tank full. When a campsite has both water and electric hookups, but no sewer hookup, like this campsite, it is considered a “partial hookup” site.

How much does it cost to get into Michigan State Parks?

At state parks vehicles will pay $17, motorcycles will pay $11. Non-residents can pay $9 for a day pass or $34 for the year. The Recreation Passport does so much more than just get you into state parks.

Is it OK to dump grey water on the ground?

Can you Legally dump grey water anywhere? The U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Reclamation, and Army Corps of Engineers all have regulations making it illegal to dump grey water on the Federal lands that they maintain.

Is it safe to drink water from a motorhome tank?

If youre planning on a trip with your motorhome or caravan, a full water tank is indispensable. Although we dont advise that you drink the water from the tank, its still important to keep not just the water itself but also the tank clean. This way you can prevent the growth of all kinds of unpleasant bacteria.

How much does it cost to camp at Michigan State Parks?

As might be expected, the most popular sites go up the most. Camping at Silver Lake, Holland, Grand Haven and Petoskey state parks will go up $4 per night, to name a few. A full hookup site at Holland State Park now will cost $37 per night, while a 50-amp site is $33 per night, and a 20/30-amp site is $31 per night.

How long does water stay fresh in a tank?

The length of time potable water can be stored safely ranges anywhere from a single day to indefinitely depending on how you are storing the water and the purity level of the water, to begin with. Clean water that is left in an open cup outside is likely to go bad (become contaminated) within 1-3 days.

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