Question: How much clearance do you need under a light fixture?

General Rule: Allow 33-34 of space between the table surface and light fixture with a ceiling less than 8. With a higher ceiling the recommended clearance increases to 36-40.

How much clearance do you need for a chandelier?

A handy rule of thumb is that a chandelier should be 12 inches narrower than a table and have at least 48 inches of space from each of the room walls or edges. Hang a chandelier approximately 30 to 34 inches over a table with an 8 foot ceiling height.

How far should a light fixture hang from the ceiling?

Your light fixture should hang 30 – 36 inches from the top of your table if you have an 8-foot ceiling. For every foot of ceiling height beyond 8 feet, add 3-6 inches to the length of your chain/wire. Ceilings higher than that…well, you do the math.

How high should a chandelier hang in a 2 story foyer?

Where the foyer is two stories high, the design standard is to place the bottom of the chandelier so it is level with the second story. This means that the fixture may be at 8 feet above the floor or even higher.

How low should a chandelier hang from a 12 foot ceiling?

30 inches to 36 inches Best Chandeliers for 12-Foot Ceilings Clearly bigger is better for rooms with 12-foot ceilings. In general, your chandelier should hang no lower than 30 inches to 36 inches above your table.

Does my chandelier have to be centered over table?

If the chandelier is to be hung above a dining table, the lowest point of the chandelier should be 36″ above it, this allows a pair of diners to see across the table when seated. The chandelier should be centered above the table surface.

How high should a chandelier hang over a coffee table?

For the best lighting, you will want to place the chandelier in the center of the living space, usually over the coffee table. Hang the chandelier at least 7 feet from the floor to avoid people bumping into it.

How many lights should go over a kitchen island?

When deciding how many pendants to hang above an island, follow the Rule of Three. This rule states balance is created by repeating an element three times. Above an island, three pendant lights create a more balanced space than two or four, though the deciding factor in following The Rule of Three is always proportion.

How low should a pendant light hang over an island?

Over a Kitchen IslandThe bottom of the pendant should be at least 75-90cm / 30” from the surface of the island.Pendant lights should be hung around 72” from the floor to the base of the light fixture.Feb 12, 2020

How high should a chandelier be in the foyer?

Ideally, a foyer chandelier should hang about 7 feet off the floor for ceilings measuring 10 feet. With a ceiling height of less than 10 feet, you need a smaller chandelier which measures less than 27 inches tall.

How low should a chandelier hang from a 20 foot ceiling?

For 20 foot ceiling, the chandelier should hang a minimum of 13 to 16 feet high from the floor and 80 – 200 inches from the ceiling. However, based on the length of light fixture greater than 70 inches, it may require to hang a little lower then recommended.

How do you hang a chandelier on a 12 foot ceiling?

With taller 12 foot ceilings, you can hang your chandelier a bit higher at 8 feet from the ground, but make sure it is at least 7 feet, 6 inches from the floor.

Is it OK to swag a chandelier?

Do you have a chandelier that is a little “off” in your dining room? Do you curse the electrician that didnt bother to think about centering a hanging light fixture? No worries, if you have enough wire and chain, you can simply swag your light fixture by installing a ceiling hook.

Are chandeliers out of style?

Chandeliers are not out of style, and they probably will never be out of style. While different types of chandeliers may follow current trends, others are timeless. Before putting a chandelier in a home, consider various designs and sizes as well as prices of chandeliers to fit a room.

Can you put a round chandelier over a rectangle table?

A linear suspension or linear multi-pendant light fixture make sense over a rectangular table. While you wouldnt want a linear light over a round table, you could use two round lights over a rectangular table. You can also center a round fixture over a rectangular table and place a recessed downlight on each side.

Can a chandelier be too big?

Can a Chandelier be too big? A chandelier can be too large for a space, just like it can be too small. Most people make the mistake of putting a fixture that is too small rather than too large. If you stick close to the measurement guidelines above, the scale should be just right.

How far down should pendant lights hang over an island?

Over a Kitchen Island The bottom of the pendant should be at least 75-90cm / 30” from the surface of the island. Pendant lights should be hung around 72” from the floor to the base of the light fixture.

How do you determine the height of a chandelier?

Regarding chandelier height, we recommend 3 for every foot of space between the floor and ceiling. You can find this number by multiplying the height of your ceiling (in feet) by three. For example, if your ceilings are 8 high, your chandelier should be 24 tall (8 x 3 = 24).

How do you hang a chandelier on a 20 foot ceiling?

in the case of 20 feet ceiling, designers add extra 2 inches to compliment the large height. If chandelier is intended to be installed near a stairwell from 20-foot ceiling then the width of the chandelier should be a minimum of 20 inches. For lower height ceiling like 12 feet or less this width may decrease.

When should you swag a chandelier?

When an electrical ceiling box is not in the right location for a new chandelier, its cheaper to lengthen and swag the chain on the fixture than to have an electrician move the electrical box.

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